Let's try somthing OOTB

At HEYii, we believe that things can be done differently.

We think outside the traditional disciplinary boundaries, redefine design in a new perspective, unleash imagination, and explore possibilities.

We create values through design.

Why we start

Bringing Extraordinary Ideas to Like-minded People

Life is too short to settle for ordinary. That's why we created HEYii: to turn out-of-the-box ideas into practical and unique products that inspire and empower. Led by designer Jenny Lin, we embrace experimentation and dare to try. Join our community dedicated to living life to the fullest. Let's create something extraordinary together!

what we do

We Make Your Everyday Life Cooler and Happier

We create everyday items that are not only practical, but also uniquely cool and inspiring . We want to make your everyday experiences more enjoyable with charming products that you'll love using.


Slash Architects / Design Enthusiasts

As a team of passionate designers and architects, we create products that resonate with a wide audience. Our first Kickstarter campaign sucessfully garnered support from 37 countries, showcasing the positive impact our products have on people's lives worldwide. This drives us to continue developing innovative solutions that simplify life, spread happiness, and promote a positive lifestyle.


We Are Committed To
A Better Future

We share one planet, and the HEYii community connects us all.

As a brand, HEYii is committed to building a brighter tomorrow by donating 1% of the profit from every purchase you make, 1% of our products, and 1% of our time towards meaningful charitable causes and carbon-neutral initiatives. This is just the minimum; we often go beyond.

Together, let's make a positive impact on the world.

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