The Swiss Army Knife of Sticky Notes!

Discover the Power of Reusable FlexiMemo:

Erase, Rewrite, Restick & Fold!


Plan, Focus, Archieve

Stay organized and productive with our revolutionary 3D daily planner.

Upgrade Your Notes: Reusable FlexiMemo!

Fed up with unreliable disposable sticky notes? 

Upgrade to Reusable FlexiMemo: your ultimate solution! 

Featuring an adhesive, reusable design and a specially coated silicone surface, FlexiMemo notes work seamlessly with most gel and ballpoint pens, leaving no smudges behind. Plus, their foldable design adapts to any task, from standing reminders to handy bookmarks. 

Creative. Sustainable. Efficient.

Your smart note-taking ally!

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Waterproof, Tearproof, Rewritable

Endlessly Reusable

FlexiMemo: Write, Wipe, Repeat!

FlexiMemo features an eco-friendly silicone coating for endless writing and erasing. Compatible with most gel and ballpoint pens, it stays pristine and functional after every wipe. Say goodbye to disposable notes and hello to an organized, clutter-free workspace!

• Reusable silicone eliminates waste
• Wipes clean with water or eraser
• Tear-resistant silicone: No pressure marks, staying pristine!

Fall-proof & Residue-free

Endlessly Restickable

Thanks to revolutionary Nano Adhesive Technology, FLEXIMEMO sticks securely, leaves no residue, and stays adhesive over time. It’s eco-friendly, ensuring your notes stick around without cluttering your space.

• Longer adhesive lifespan than classic sticky notes
• Restick & reorganize hundreds of times
• Wipe it clean—adhesive revived, good as new!

Ultimate Adaptability

Endlessly Fold & Combine

The specially designed Fleximemo foldable back structure, combined with slots, allows for easy switching between various states, providing greater flexibility to adapt to your different usage needs. Effortlessly transition from standing to bookmark.

• 5+ adaptable states.
• Stylish, functional design.
• Endless possibilities.

8-in-1 Innovative Features

Reusable Ultimate Green

Erasable Silicon Surface can be refreshed easily, increases productivity, saves paper, and saves the planet.

Proven Productivity Method

Limiting your to-do list to no more than 6 tasks per day and focusing on one task at a time.

Transformable Origami Structure

Adapting to your needs with easy transformations for writing, display, or portability.

Reusable Ultimate Green

Erasable Silicon Surface can be refreshed easily, increases productivity, saves paper, and saves the planet.

Launcing soon on Kickstarter

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The Specification

The Cubic Planner is crafted with eco-certified materials, featuring an eco silicone surface with a special coating.


Unfolded size:
11.6×4.25×0.08in / 29.5×10.8×2cm


Flat folded size:
2.36×2.36×0.47in / 6×6×1.2cm


Cube side length:
2.36in / 6cm


1.52 oz (43g)


Pre-orders will be available on Kickstarter in July

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User Trial Review

“I love the materials! They're erasable and work with common pens. Rinsing off the adhesive to refresh it is awesome! Plus, it's foldable, so I can use it standing up or as a bookmark. So versatile!”
“With FlexiMemo, I can finally say goodbye to disposable sticky notes, cutting down on waste and keeping my workspace neat and tidy. It's eco-friendly and saves money—a total game-changer!”
“The perfect solution for sticky notes I can use on my desk or carry in my pocket for quick notes has finally arrived! Paired with ballpoint pen writing and Spritz and Wipe Cleaner for easy cleaning, it's just so convenient.”
“FlexiMemo makes writing a breeze with its smooth surface, and erasing is effortless. With its sleek design and variety of colors, it's versatile and stylish, fitting in wherever you need it. I'm thrilled with it!”
Kickstarter Limited Offer

$ 25

What's included?

✓ A set of FlexiMemo (4 pcs)
✓ A Zebra ballpoint pen
✓ A Spritz & Wipe Cleaner


FlexiMemo Sticky Notes features 8 incredible features that redefine note-taking:

  • Rewritability: Write, erase, and rewrite effortlessly without any smudges or smears.
  • Erasability: Effortlessly erase your notes without leaving any residue behind.
  • Stand & Fold: Easily transform your notes into a standing display or fold them into more than 5 different states for various uses.
  • Restickability: Stick and restick your notes multiple times without losing adhesion.
  • Compatibility with Regular Pens: Use most gel pens and ballpoint pens for easy access.
  • Unique Coated, Eco Silicone: Crafted with a special coating on eco-friendly silicone for a smooth writing experience.
  • Durable & Waterproof: Built to withstand everyday wear and tear, plus it’s waterproof for added durability.
  • Stylish & Colorful: Available in a variety of stylish and vibrant colors to suit your personal style.

We recommend using ZEBRA Tapli Clip (0.7mm or 0.5mm), ZEBRA Mini Ballpoint Pen T-3, or Pilot V5 or V7 Stick Liquid Ink rolling ball stick pens for optimal results.

Before regular use, test other brands for ink compatibility to prevent incomplete erasing. Note: Ballpoint pens dry faster than water-based pens, so allow sufficient drying time.

Writing and erasing with FRIXION or other erasable ballpoint pens may also pose challenges. It is not advisable to use pencils. We recommend evaluating the writing and erasing performance with your own pen on the tester before use to ensure optimal results.

There are 4 stylish colors: Rose Rouge, Emerald Oasis, Space Noir, and Oceanic Blue, each with three complementary shades, making them fashionable and attractive.

It is erasable with cleaner, fingers, or erasers. However, pen ink might transfer to the FlexiMemo if you don’t erase for a long time or use an inappropriate pen. Please test it with the tester before applying it for your use. If there is ink transfer, you can clean it with alcohol.

Pre-orders will be available on Kickstarter in April

The Future of Sticky Notes!

Each Resuable FlexiMemo paves the way to a greener, happier tomorrow. 🌍✨

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